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Dental Veneers Sydney

Dental Veneers Sydney-Pitt Street Dental Centre

Dental Veneers Sydney

Dental veneers are a cosmetic dental solution to improve the look of teeth, and are an ideal way to achieve a brilliant white, natural-looking smile. They are used in smile makeovers to fix a tooth or teeth that are out of place or discoloured and may even protect teeth that are chipped, cracked or worn. When you come to Pitt Street Dental Centre in Sydney, you will receive premium quality veneers that will quickly give you the smile you want.

Dental Veneers Technology

Dental veneers are dental restorations made of wafer-thin coverings that are custom made for teeth. They look and feel like natural teeth but are only placed onto the front as a cosmetic fix. However, because they cover the whole teeth, they can also add strength and resilience to teeth that are mildly damaged and can help prevent further damage.

Veneers are made with either resin composite or porcelain. Porcelain veneers are the preferred choice by most patients because they look natural and are very durable. We customise each veneer to match the shape of your other teeth while improving the appearance of the tooth it will be placed on. They are often a great solution to fix a tooth that is too short or discoloured, and are ideal to fix a smile when just one or two teeth are out of place or crooked.
Kristen K
Kristen K

I have been going to Dr Cai for almost two years and each time I visit he and the staff are so lovely and professional. I cannot recommend them enough.

Who Needs Dental Veneers?

Who Needs Dental Veneers-Dental Veneers Sydney-Pitt Dental Street Centre

Nearly anyone can take advantage of dental veneers to improve their smile. Sometimes teeth become discoloured due to trauma or certain medications, while accidents can cause chipped, broken or cracked teeth.

Age can also take a toll on teeth as they begin to look yellow or tired. Stress related teeth grinding can prematurely wear teeth down or even crack them, which can interfere with a smile.

If you want to improve or upgrade your smile quickly, then dental veneers might be an option for you. They are convenient and can improve your smile quicker. The following are common issues that are fixed with veneers:
Teeth that are slightly crooked or out of place
Fill in small gaps
Aesthetically fix discoloured teeth
Fix a misshapen tooth or teeth