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Wisdom Teeth Removal Sydney

Wisdom Teeth Removal Sydney-Pitt Street Dental Centre

Wisdom Teeth Removal Sydney

Wisdom teeth removal is a common dental solution to deal with problematic teeth. If they are causing you pain or damaging surrounding teeth, our team at Pitt Street Dental Centre in Sydney can remove them in as little as 90 minutes or less.

What are Wisdom Teeth and Why are They a Problem?

Wisdom teeth are the molars located in the furthest back position of both the top and bottom rows of teeth. Sometimes they grow in without being noticed, but many people have problematic wisdom teeth that may grow in sideways, only partially or never erupt through the gum at all. Most of these scenarios happen because the mouth simply isn’t large enough to accommodate for these teeth.

If wisdom teeth grow in wrong, the main concern for most people is the pain they cause. However, the problems can include more than pain, as wisdom teeth can crack and damage other teeth by constantly pushing on them as they grow. They can force all the other teeth together creating crowded and crooked teeth, which can lead to damage to more than the adjacent teeth. This can lead to a need for extensive orthodontic treatment and unnecessary pain and discomfort.

When wisdom teeth become a problem, removing them is the only solution. Removal can make room for your other teeth to spread out and naturally align themselves and can prevent issues like infection that can easily happen with a partially erupted wisdom tooth.

Symptoms of Problematic Wisdom Teeth

When the source of pain and pressure on the teeth cannot be found, the culprit is often the wisdom teeth. They are far back in the mouth and the last to erupt through the gum, so are often unnoticed when they do come in. However, the effects often cannot go unnoticed due to the pain it can cause other teeth.

Sometimes wisdom teeth can grow while under the gum, which are called impacted wisdom teeth. To make things worse, they can grow in sideways if the jawbone is too short, leaving little room for these extra molars. When this happens, the growing wisdom tooth will push on the molars next to them from under the gum, making diagnosing the problem difficult without x-rays.

Untreated, these problematic wisdom teeth can lead to pain and the need for costlier dental treatments. The following is a summary of the symptoms of troublesome wisdom teeth:

Jaw pain or pressure from unknown or unseen source
Pain that radiates through jaw and ear
Chronic bad breath due to partially erupted wisdom teeth
Pockets in the gum around the wisdom teeth area
Crowded teeth
Recurring infection of molars
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Kristen K

I have been going to Dr Cai for almost two years and each time I visit he and the staff are so lovely and professional. I cannot recommend them enough.

Age for Wisdom Teeth Removal

We treat patients for wisdom teeth removal at all ages. Anyone who needs them removed can have it done. For your comfort, we use all the tools at our disposal including nitrous oxide, local anaesthetic and even sedation dentistry, if you wish.

Many patients choose to be sedated and have all of their wisdom teeth removed at once to save their other teeth. When you visit us, your dentist will discuss the ideal treatment for your situation.

Wisdom teeth are easier to remove for teenagers and young adults, because the wisdom teeth roots have not yet fully formed. Young people also enjoy a stronger healing ability and quicker recovery. Because of this, we regularly check the wisdom teeth for our young patients and if we see any indications of a problem, we will inform you right away.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Treatment in Sydney

Wisdom Teeth Removal Sydney-Pitt Street Dental Centre

Getting wisdom teeth removed may be done as a tooth extraction or with the use of oral surgery for impacted wisdom teeth. We will provide nitrous oxide, twilight sedation or sleep dentistry to help make the process easier for you.

Our goal is our patient’s comfort and we are committed to providing quality care in a relaxed setting. The following is what you can expect if you get your wisdom teeth removed at Pitt Street Dental Centre in Sydney:

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We will collect all the data needed, including x-rays, to determine the placement and shape of your teeth

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If you need happy gas, it will be administered through a nose mask during the treatment, so you can relax before and during your treatment

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If you are having all of your wisdom teeth removed, you may be given an intravenous (IV) injection for either twilight sedation or general anaesthetic

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A local anaesthetic is given in the area of the wisdom teeth and allowed to take effect

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The tooth or teeth will be removed

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The sedation will be removed and you will be provided with after care instructions to help your gum heal

We work with Dental Board endorsed dental sedationists to provide you with full service, outpatient, Dental Sedation and Sleep Dentistry service to keep you safe.

It is normal to have pain and swelling after wisdom teeth removal, and most patients feel better with an over-the-counter pain medication that also calms the inflammation to reduce swelling.

Download Our Price List

Price List - Pitt Street Dental Centre  in Sydney CBD

Download Our Price List

We take great pride in providing a bespoke makeover experience. Everyone is different and has their own insecurities. That’s why we customise packages that fit your specific needs and goals.

The Risks of Wisdom Teeth Removal

Removing wisdom teeth is a medical treatment and may have some side effects. The most common includes the initial pain and swelling and is your body’s natural healing response. Younger patients have a quicker healing time than adults and mature people. No matter who you are, rest helps improve the recovery process.

Patients who undergo oral surgery and who get more than one tooth removed in a treatment will have a longer recovery time and this is normal. The average time to recover is four days, while some may need up to a week. Your current health plays a role in your healing process, and you will be given instructions with details on what to expect.

Call Us Today

Call Us Today-Wisdom Teeth Removal Sydney-Pitt Street Dental Centre

If you suspect you need your wisdom teeth removed, give us a call today and schedule a dental examination with us. We will perform a full assessment to give you a professional opinion, and help you on the path to comfort and improved oral health.

Disclaimer: The material posted is for informational purposes only and is not intended to substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Results vary with each patient. Any dental procedure carries risks and benefits. If you have any specific questions about any dental and/or medical matter, you should consult your dentist, physician or other professional healthcare providers.

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