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Smile Makeovers Sydney

Smile Makeovers Sydney-Pitt Street Dental Centre

Smile Makeovers Sydney

Want to improve your smile but not sure where to begin? No worries, our Smile Makeover service at Pitt Street Dental Centre in Sydney can help. Smile makeover is what Pitt St Dental Centre is renowned for. Trusted by well-known Australian celebrities, judges, bankers, sports personalities, as well as home makers and professionals, our trained and experienced Sydney CBD dentists have been helping our patients improve their smile for over 25 years and can help you, too, with the compassion and premium quality you deserve.

What is a Smile Makeover?

A smile makeover is simply a plan to help you achieve the smile you desire. We offer a range of services that include teeth whitening, Invisalign clear aligners, dental veneers, orthodontics and more.

We help patients who want to completely overhaul their smile along with teeth function. Whether it’s heredity, trauma or simply time, we can restore or improve your smile to your liking.

Tom M
Tom M

Dr Cai and Christine are always incredibly friendly and professional. Been going here for years and would recommend to anyone.

Smile Makeover Services at Pitt Street Dental Centre in Sydney

Dental Veneers-Smile Makeovers Sydney-Pitt Street Dental Centre
Dental Veneers are often used in smile makeovers and are a popular option for cosmetic dentistry. These thin, shell-like coverings fit on the front of teeth and can quickly fix the colour, shape or size of a tooth. They can even be used to help teeth appear straighter and are used on only the teeth that show when you smile.
Invisalign-Smile Makeovers Sydney-Pitt Street Dental Centre
Invisalign is a popular option to straighten teeth with clear aligners that are nearly invisible. Our talented team helps create your treatment path and monitors your treatment the entire time so you get the results you want. Now you can straighten your teeth without your treatment being obvious.

This product is not available for purchase by the general public.

Orthodontics-Smile Makeovers Sydney-Pitt Street Dental Centre
Orthodontics are best used to straighten teeth that are moderately to severely crooked. Unlike in the past, today’s braces are low profile and come in a variety of styles including braces that are nearly invisible, coloured braces and lingual braces that are attached only on the backside of your teeth.
Teeth Whitening-Smile Makeovers Sydney-Pitt Street Dental Centre
Teeth Whitening is the most sought after treatment for an easy and quick smile makeover. We use the Philips Zoom Whitening system to restore or bring your teeth to their whitest and brightest so you can flash your smile anytime.
Dental Implants-Smile Makeovers Sydney-Pitt Street Dental Centre
Dental Implants are the permanent solution to replace missing teeth. Instead of using a bridge, the implant replaces the tooth root and a dental crown sits on the implant to act as your natural tooth. Dental implants can help stop bone shrinkage that can age your facial structure and can be cleaned and brushed just like your natural teeth.
Bridges-Smile Makeovers Sydney-Pitt Street Dental Centre

Bridges may be used to improve a smile by replacing missing teeth. A bridge may be used by some patients to replace teeth that are very damaged or beyond repair, or fill in gaps where teeth are already missing. In these cases, a bridge can be used instead of dentures, supported by dental crowns on the adjacent teeth.

Dental Crowns-Smile Makeovers Sydney-Pitt Street Dental Centre
Dental Crowns can be used to restore teeth that are badly damaged due to decay, an old filling or trauma. They are mainly used to cover and protect molars, and are part of a smile makeover for those who want their molars to look great while they talk or laugh.


Ted of Bronte’s Invisalign Makeover

Discover a successful Invisalign journey at Pitt St Dental Centre. Expert care-aligned teeth, provide a straighter smile with comfortable and discreet treatment…


Pitt Street Dental Centre for Premium Quality Care

Our staff at Pitt St. Dental Centre in Sydney are compassionate and gentle and strive to help our patients have a relaxed and positive experience. If you want to upgrade your smile with a smile makeover, we will perform a full dental exam to find any dental issues that need to be treated, and then begin to create your path to a smile makeover.

Each patient is unique and will have their own requirements for a personalised dream smile. We will design your smile and we work with you to find the best treatments to help make your dream smile come true. We are transparent about all costs and risks because our patients deserve it. We use the following dental tech to help with a smile makeover:

3D Scanners-Smile Makeovers Sydney-Pitt Street Dental Centre

3D scanners for accuracy

Digital X-rays-Smile Makeovers Sydney-Pitt Street Dental Centre

Onsite 3D x-rays when needed

Minimal Pain Injections for Comfort-Smile Makeovers Sydney-Pitt Street Dental Centre

Minimal pain injections for maximum comfort

Sedation Dentistry-Smile Makeovers Sydney-Pitt Street Dental Centre

Sedation dentistry for those with dental anxiety or patients who want multiple treatments in one visit

CEREC Same Day Restorations-Smile Makeovers Sydney-Pitt Street Dental Centre

CEREC same day restorations

Invisalign Technology-Smile Makeovers Sydney-Pitt Street Dental Centre

Invisalign technology to design the ideal treatment for teeth alignment

This product is not available for purchase by the general public.

Our Patients' Transformations

Dental Anxiety? No Worries!

If you experience dental anxiety or fears of the dentist or treatment, we can help. We offer sedation dentistry to help our patients relax. Your comfort is our priority and we believe that all patients should be able to enjoy excellent oral health, in spite of anxieties.

We offer different sedation dentistry solutions, depending upon the treatment and the patient. We can provide pain management options and anaesthesia to help you relax so you can get the treatment you want and deserve.

Cost of a Smile Makeover

Of course, the cost of a smile makeover is as varied as our patients. The final cost will depend on the treatment or treatments that you choose and the extent of your dental needs. If you want or require multiple treatments, you can choose to have one treatment at a time, and complete your smile makeover on your schedule. We also offer interest-free payment options because everyone deserves a beautiful and healthy smile.

Download Our Price List

Price List - Pitt Street Dental Centre  in Sydney CBD

Download Our Price List

We take great pride in providing a bespoke makeover experience. Everyone is different and has their own insecurities. That’s why we customise packages that fit your specific needs and goals.

Call Today for Your New Smile

Call Today For Your New Smile- Smile Makeovers Sydney-Pitt Street Dental Centre

If you are ready for your smile makeover, call and schedule a smile consultation with us today. We can begin with a dental exam and cleaning, and then evaluate your situation. Together, we can create your treatment path to bring you your new fresh smile.

Disclaimer: The material posted is for informational purposes only and is not intended to substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Results vary with each patient. Any dental procedure carries risks and benefits. If you have any specific questions about any dental and/or medical matter, you should consult your dentist, physician or other professional healthcare providers.

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