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Gum Contouring & Grafting Sydney

Gum Contouring And Grafting Sydney-Pitt Street Dental Centre

Gum Contouring & Grafting Sydney

Sydney’s Experts in Gum Contouring and Grafting

Do you have a ‘gummy smile’ or gum recession? If your gummy smile bothers you, you will be excited to know that the appearance of your smile can be improved with gum contouring or laser gum reshaping.

At Pitt St Dental Centre, we have the latest Gemini soft tissue laser for minimally-invasive gum contouring and gum lift procedures. Studies have shown there is less discomfort and faster healing for the patient with this laser, both during the procedure and post-operatively, compared to traditional electrosurgery.

What is Gum Contouring?

What is Gum Contouring in Sydney-Pitt Street Dental Centre

The balance between the teeth, gums and the face is an important part of cosmetic dentistry.

At Pitt St Dental Centre, we offer traditional free gingival graft and connective tissue graft for gum recession. Our caring dentists are also trained in the innovative Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique.

This minimally-invasive procedure is performed by adjusting existing gum tissue. Our cosmetic dentists gently slide gum tissue over receded teeth without the use of incisions or sutures.

With gum grafting. results are almost instant, allowing patients to walk away with a transformed smile in just one quick procedure. We will guide you through your procedure and recovery to ensure a pleasant and comfortable experience.

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What Does the Procedure Involve?

What Does The Procedure Involved-Gum Contouring & Grafting Sydney-Pitt Street Dental Centre

Interested in laser gum contouring at Pitt Street Dental? We’ve broken down the procedure into three parts: the consultation, during the procedure and post-procedure.

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Before undergoing gum contouring, you must attend a consultation with one of Pitt St Dental Centre’s experienced and qualified cosmetic dentists. Here, we discuss your concerns and provide you with realistic expectations about what we can achieve for your smile.

If you want to go ahead with the procedure, we will book you in for another appointment where we can help to craft your new-look smile.

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During the procedure

The gum contouring procedure is done in one appointment and absolutely no stitches are required.

Before we begin laser gum contouring, our dentists administer a local anaesthetic to your gums to render your gums numb during the procedure.

Your Pitt Street Dental Centre cosmetic dentist will then use a purpose-built laser light that focuses on areas of excess gum tissue. The laser utilises thermal energy to reshape the gums and remove excessive tissue.

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Following your procedure, you’ll notice a dramatic change in the look of your smile, achieving aesthetic perfection. After your full recovery – up to two weeks – you’ll be left with a natural, balanced and transformed smile that suits your face.

As gum contouring involves the permanent removal of tissue, we strongly encourage you to do your research and choose a highly skilled and qualified dentist such as the team at Pitt St Dental Centre.

Learn how gum contouring can transform your smile. With a number of flexible payment plans available, we can help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted. Book a consultation with our cosmetic dentists to get started.

Download Our Price List

Price List - Pitt Street Dental Centre  in Sydney CBD

Download Our Price List

We take great pride in providing a bespoke makeover experience. Everyone is different and has their own insecurities. That’s why we customise packages that fit your specific needs and goals.

How About Recovery Post-Procedure?

How about recovery Post-Procedure-Gum Contouring and Grafting Sydney-Pitt Street Dental Centre

After your procedure, recovery can take up to two weeks and during this time, it is important to follow the comprehensive aftercare plan provided by your cosmetic dentist.

We recommend salt water rinses, avoiding irritating foods (including extremely hot, cold or spicy meals), regular brushing and gentle flossing to help your recovery.

If you have any questions following your laser gum reshaping procedure, our expert dental team at Pitt Street Dental Centre is on hand for support; we’re able to guide you through the process with expertise to ensure you’re completely comfortable and confident with both the procedure and aftercare instructions.

How does Gum Grafting Differ from Gum Contouring?

While gum contouring uses a laser to remove excess gum tissue and reshape the appearance of the gum, gum grafting is used to restore the gum in cases where the gum tissue has receded.

If you’re showing too much gum or want to change the look of your smile, gum contouring or grafting could be for you.

What Causes Gum Recession?

Gum recession involves the loss of gum tissue along the gum line, often as a result of periodontal disease, natural aging or abrasive dental habits.

Receding gums can turn from an aesthetic concern to a health concern if the roots of a tooth or teeth become exposed. In this case, the tooth becomes at risk of decay and infection, often paired with tooth sensitivity or pain, with the worst case resulting in the loss of a tooth.

How Pitt Street Dental Centre Can Help with Gum Contouring

Gum Contouring in Sydney-Pitt Street Dental Centre

Carried out in our Sydney CBD clinic, Pitt Street Dental’s laser gum contouring and cosmetic dentistry for gum recession can dramatically transform the appearance of your smile.

With minimal downtime, you can achieve your ideal smile in one session by making small alterations to the shape of your gums and teeth.

Contact our team at Pitt Street Dental Centre today to find out whether laser gum shaping or gum grafting could be an option for you.

Book a consultation with the cosmetic dentists at Pitt St Dental Centre to find out more about what gum contouring and grafting can do for you.

Disclaimer: The material posted is for informational purposes only and is not intended to substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Results vary with each patient. Any dental procedure carries risks and benefits. If you have any specific questions about any dental and/or medical matter, you should consult your dentist, physician or other professional healthcare providers.

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