Ye’s New Titanium Teeth: Kanye West’s $850,000 Smile Makeover

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Ye’s New Titanium Teeth Kanye West’s $850,000 Smile Makeover_In Sydney_In Pitt Street Dental Centre

Ye-ah, though I journey through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no ridicule. Ye said aaah, open wide, let’s widen our minds to Ye’s new titanium teeth, as the formerly-monikered Kanye West’s $850 000 smile makeover stands unrepentant in the face of accusations of extreme vanity and celebrity silliness. The excessive nature of celebrity stardom in the vacuous realm of pop culture is there for all to see. Indeed, dentistry’s cosmetic Janus face can stand accused of becoming a facilitator for garish facial jewellery. The African-American predilection for bling is yet another probable factor in this move by the fashion conscious KanYE. And so it is that the celebrity dentist is a novel adjunct to the lives of the rich and famous.

Is this art or arch culture?

Kanye West & Precious Metal Grills On His Teeth

Enhancement is the procedure of the day for those wishing to appear so outside of the box, as to bite any hands that feed Ye. Love bites may well be fatal. A friendly nibble of a nipple may result in complete removal by these platinum chompers. I suppose if oral sex is going to include metallic genital piercings it is only meeting fire with fire with these titanium teeth. On a more scientific level, the facts are that Kanye West did not have his existing teeth removed to have this enhancement procedure. No, they all exist underneath, apparently.

Celebrity Dentist Makeovers The New Shiny Black

Celebrity dentist Thomas Connelly did this fixed prosthodontic procedure on Ye. The metallic grills, which Ye designed himself, are stuck to his teeth. Why? WTF? I don’t know why and I think one would have to be inside the head of Kanye to really comprehend his thinking on the decision to grill up with precious metals. I suspect, Ye reckons they look cool. The phrase too much money for his own good, springs to mind. Ye will never have to dress up for Halloween ever again – oh yeah, that’s supposed to be for kids, isn’t it? Kanye will be a shoo-in for the fancy dress door prize at those kind of parties.
“Like father, like daughter.

North West showed off her new diamond grills on TikTok Wednesday as her father, Kanye West, revealed his $850,000 titanium teeth.”
– Page Six

Yes, when daddy came home and showed his kid his bling dentures, she wanted the same or something similar or else. Such are the perils of parenting when you are a super celebrity in the 21C. Golly gosh and you thought your family dental bills were a worry during a cost of living crisis. It is good to know that there are folks out there who don’t give a rat’s proverbial about people doing it tough on struggle street. We need more superficial people wasting really large sums of money on crazy luxury items that the Louis XIV would have thought was excessive. The Sun King may have got his head guillotined off in France by the starving peasants but that will never happen in modern America, where billionaires rule and Trump 2.0 is just around the corner.

Denture Bling Has Been Around For Ages

Historically, people who have thought themselves something special have decorated their teeth with things that glint and sparkle. Vikings used to file their teeth, as did a number of warrior tribes like the Kurgans in ancient Russia/Turkistan. I suppose human beings have long thought that these chompers could be both functional and decorative. Smiles can be beautiful and grimaces can be scary.

“The Maya loved their bling and often decorated their teeth with gemstones. But maybe these weren’t all just for show. A new study conducted by the Center for Research and Advanced Studies of the National Polytechnic Institute in Mexico City, has revealed that the glues used to bind precious stones to Maya teeth might have had antibacterial properties, boosting their oral health.”
– Ancient Origins

Ye’s New Titanium Teeth Kanye West’s 850,000 Smile Makeover_In_Pitt Street Dental Centre
The Presidential False Teeth Secret Handshake

Will Ye be taken seriously if elected to the Presidency of the United States? Kanye West stood for the Presidency of the United States of America recently. He made a stark contrast to the very old white guys currently in and up for the top job again. Young, dumb, and full of gums and teeth could be a fair assessment of his most prominent features. Jaws vs Biden, perhaps, this is his way of meeting the age requirement for this prestigious office. Both Trump and Biden would have false teeth or dentures. Maybe, Kanye thought this was a prerequisite for the top job. I might not be white and wrinkly but just cop an eyeful of these precious metallic dentures. Nothing says success like shiny teeth substitutes. Celebrity dentists may have to have their own wing in the White House.

Post Modern Dentistry & Post Malone

Post Malone, another celebrity star of the current zeitgeist, has also paid a visit to Dr Thomas Connelly. Leaving with diamond fangs to compliment his porcelain veneers. Conservatively estimated costing some $1.6 million for the procedure and gemstones it is definitely a new benchmark for pop star status. The diamond tooth is no little canine it is a full on fang. You cannot be a bonafide pop star in the 21C unless you have your own celebrity dentist doing decorative work in your oral cavity, it seems.

Post White Teeth In The Celebrity Sphere

Will we be influenced enough by Ye’s influencer status to yet declare perfect white teeth as just so passe? Dentists in America are making so much money from cosmetic procedures they are looking for new challenges to up the ante. There is only so much money you can charge for Hollywood looking teeth. The new black is not white, rather it is celebrity dentistry and crazy gemstone and precious metal prosthodontic procedures. Pop stars have always done crazy stuff with their hair, but hair styles are so yesterday. Piercings are so last week. Tattoos are beyond boring. Teeth features are the thing in 2024 and beyond. Bringing bling to the arches and biting down on enhanced dental decorations is the new direction for dentists at the cutting edge of celebrity fashion. Ye’s new titanium teeth: Kanye West’s $850 000 dental makeover is making waves in all the right places for the celebrity dentistry renaissance to gather pace. A west wind is blowing and with it the expectations of millions.


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