3 Things to Consider When Planning a Dental Holiday

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Hi! I’m Dr Kim Nguyen, an associate dentist here at Pitt St Dental Centre in Sydney CBD.

Last Friday, we had a new patient, Paul from Rose Bay, who was thinking about getting his teeth fixed. He mentioned going on a dental holiday in Asia and asked, ‘I’ll be on a trip next month, and I’m planning to get the All-on-Four done there. The price seems to be alot cheaper than doing it here in Australia. Are there things that I should consider Kim?”

I thought this is a great topic for a video, so let me share with you what I shared with Paul on the things to consider when planning a dental holiday.

As we move forward after COVID, many people are starting to travel again and with that dental holidays are making a comeback. Many travel agencies are stepping up to organise these specialised vacations. But, before you start packing, it’s crucial to remember that dentistry, by nature, is irreversible. This means once you have treatment on your teeth or gums, there’s no going back.

So, if you’re considering a dental holiday, I want to share three important factors to consider to ensure a smooth, comfortable experience.

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The reputation of your chosen dentist or clinic. Whether you’re in Australia or abroad, this is non-negotiable. Find a dentist who’s not only qualified, but also carries a solid reputation and is highly experienced in the field. After all, you are entrusting them with your smile.

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Next, let’s talk about the importance of post-treatment maintenance and the aftercare program. Especially when going overseas for extensive dental work, be aware that it requires diligent follow-up and care. I often say to my patients, there’s no point in buying the world’s best car if you never take it in for service. The same principle applies to your teeth. Here at Pitt Street Dental, we provide ongoing care, a warranty program for your peace of mind and you don’t need to leave the country to see us.

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Finally, you need to verify the type of materials and products used for your treatment. In the world of dentistry, you’ll find many alternatives to major brands for implants, crowns or fillings. However, not all are approved by authorities like the TGA or FDA, and may even be harmful. So it’s a good idea to have a chat with your dentist about the brands, materials and laboratory they use. You should feel comfortable knowing what’s going on in your mouth and what’s being used.

3 Things to Consider When Planning a Dental Holiday In Pitt Street Dental Centre, Sydney

So there you have it, three key factors to think about if you are considering a dental holiday. Remember, it’s your health, your smile, and your right to make informed decisions. And remember, dentistry, especially any extensive treatment, is not a done-and-forget. It needs to be maintained properly.

I hope you find this video informative! If you have been thinking about upgrading your smile, and want to work with someone who is also trusted by well-known Australian TV and Sports personalities, we would love to look after you.

We offer flexible payment options to make it easier for you. Plus, we can even help you with getting early release of your superannuation funds specifically for your dental needs. That way, you can get the treatment you need without any delay, right here in Australia.

Simply call us on 02 9223 4767, complete the booking form on our website, or send us a DM on social media, and we’ll be in touch to help you organise your consultation. See you in the next video.


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